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Fully unheated high concentration high purity ultrafine powder granulation raw placenta

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Features 1 Raw placenta reaching the intestines

The effective ingredients contained in the raw placenta are guarded from heat and acid, acid resistant coating technology treatment so that it reaches the intestine, placenta extract granules are filled in 100% capsules In case

Feature 2 Domestic maximum "EGF amount 222 (pg)" raw placenta

"Raw placenta extract end" corresponds to about 55,000 pg per capsule, the production of high concentration placenta extract powder which increases the raw placenta solution volume up to 3 times by the special manufacturing method. It is liquid.

Feature 3 Totally non-heating, sterilization treatment

Preservation of valuable physiologically active ingredients (physiologically active protein) contained in placental raw materials to the utmost limit. Complete sterilization without heating any heat-sensitive physiologically active ingredients and refining the placental tissue solution without diluting it. In case

Features 4 High purity, high concentration extraction

"Living placenta extract end" has a great difference in concentration and ingredients depending on its extraction method. The active placenta collects the tissue fluid (cell fluid and intercellular fluid) of the placenta that is the raw material at high concentration without adding any water or chemicals by drip type extraction method. It is a rich liquid which is regarded as impossible to industrialize with general filters.

Amazon Placenta made in japan ®︎

  • Name        :     Placenta essense manufactured food
    Ingredients:     Placenta essense(Deriverd from pig)

    Nutrition Fact(Per 100g)
    Calories : 3.83kcal/Protein:0.133g/Fat:0.006g 
    Carbohydrate : 0.81g / Sodium : 4.96mg 
    Sodium chloride equivalent : 0.04g
    Net volume:9420mg Suggested 32,400Yen
    Please store at room temperature away from direct sunlight and humid.